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Jane Wooldridge has created content solutions in print, online, mobile and events to expand the Miami Herald Media Company’s reach beyond its traditional readers, engage new audiences and create new advertising opportunities. To do so, she has initiated partnerships with advertising, market, production, digital development and video teams both within and beyond the company.

Business Monday

newbizmoncover2014 copyThe Miami Herald’s signature weekly magazine was expanded and redesigned in August 2014 to better reflect the changing local economy, with new features and a fresh news design. All new features were fully supported by ad sales prior to launch based on prototypes and an expanded distribution plan.




Indulge Magazine – Art Basel Miami Beach issue

abindulgeslaterThe most robust and profitable issue of this luxury lifestyle magazine is theme to arts and culture and published during the annual Art Basel Miami Beach.  In 2013 the cover featured new Miami resident Christian Slater and counted 180 pages. For 2014 projections are 200-plus pages.





WG: Weekend Getaways

WG-thumbThis free monthly magazine uses repurposed content from The Miami Herald to serve South Florida travelers who don’t subscribe to the newspaper – and the advertisers seeking to reach them. Distribution is through salons, coffee shops and other places where South Floridians linger.




Travel Magazine

cover-thumbThis glossy quarterly targeted the 100,000 upscale Miami Herald subscriber households that define Miami as one of the 20 wealthiest cities in the world according to UBS.





The Travel Experience

experience-thumbThis innovative consumer expo reached beyond standard formats, offering interactive experiences enabling showgoers to test out hotel beds and airline seats, race to pack a carry-on suitcase, sample recipies from faraway places, practice digital photography skills, partake in mini exercise classes and spa treatements, and converse with experts on travel experiences from safaris to hip hotels.



South Florida Album

album3-thumbThis in-newspaper section was created to satisfy the demand for society coverage without stressing resources. Originally envisioned as a revenue-neutral solution combing freelance content with paid photo coverage, Album has proven so successful that it now spans multiple pages in both English and Spanish and reaps a profit.




Destination Florida

destflaA-thumbThis pioneering website was a joint venture between Knight Ridder and Tribune. Repurposed content from seven Florida newspapers were augmenting with tips, maps, message boards and other interactive features in an award-winning site heralded as the first-ever editorial destination site. Originally created by Tribune on the AOL platform, the site was defined and expanded to the Web under Wooldridge’s leadership. The company closed in 1996.



rsvpcover-thumbThis 1990’s lifestyle magazine combined celebrity, art, fashion and home in an upscale, glossy broadsheet.

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